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Stacy Padgett

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My Story

I came across Scentsy at a friends house. She is a consultant and was sniffing through all of her testers. I was too nervous to ask her about it so she just sent me home with a catalog. As soon as I got home, I read through it and was amazed at how awesome the warmers were and after already smelling some scents, I knew I wanted to sell it too! I've seen tons of direct-selling companies and never once thought to become a consultant with them. With Scentsy, the product was so amazing that I knew it was a great seller. I was right. I signed up June of 2009 and have been going ever since.

I now use Scentsy in every aspect of my life: my families business, on my pets, in my kids; stinky sports bags, in my car, in my kitchen. I've also discovered that pairing warmers can be fun! Like our gorgeous Farmhouse warmer beside our Core Warmer, I then switch out the wraps to fit my mood! Who says you can only have one warmer in each room??

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